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Hi everyone! Still with me to share some experience, thought, or opinion about technology-related with the software engineering field. In this time, I want to share a cool app to copy a color of an object in real life!

Wait, what do you mean in “real life”? Yeah, I mean sometimes we saw an interesting object around us and probably we have a mind to know which color is close to? Maybe we can take a picture of the object and upload to color detecting service.

But, seems it’s not easy way to do as an option. Since it needs multiple step until getting the result. And the result may far from our looks, because the picture contain multiple object in one frame, it’s made difficult to defined which one area that we want.

Here is the example of website that provided service for found the color code by uploading our image. Then, we can moving the cursor magnifier to lookup the area of image.

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Copy Color Paste

Then, I found the cool app called Color Copy Paste. We can visit the official site here for getting more information.

Actually it was going famous on my LinkedIn networks couple of months ago. Back then, when I see for the first time on my timeline, I feel like, wow this is a nice breakthrough.

Created by Sonny Lazuardi and made it free, we can see the project in this Github repository. Color Copy Paste has 338 stars 28 fork (08 Jan 2021) and become number #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Tweet from official creator

Using this app is effortless. Because it based on web app, we don’t need to do installation both on Android / iOS. Just open the app through your browser on your phone, allow the camera permission and start scanning the color around us! You can see how it works by looking at the tweet above.

Copy Color Paste app also can integrated with Figma and Sketch Plugin. Fit with anyone who working as designer and use those app design. We can save more time to transfer the color. This app also suitable for anyone that on inspirational mode and should choose some color.


However, in my opinion the way this app detecting is very sensitive. As you can see from the tweet above, when we pointing the camera to object, the color result changing quickly. Maybe it really depends on lighting, position, our movement and etc. I am not sure we could find the color that we want 100% meet with our expectation.

In the end, I am still impressed with this new idea and concept. Having shortcut to simplify the entire process. Although maybe not really correct, we got some insight which color that close to and need to pickup as reference.

The other point plus absolutely is this is free software! We can contribute to improve the performance or making it better. As the creator quote “We built this to give back 😍 to the design community.”

Last word, thank you for reading my article, I hope this article is useful for you and see you on the next topic!!




Software Engineer | Traveler | Guitarist | J-Lovers

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Bismo Baruno

Bismo Baruno

Software Engineer | Traveler | Guitarist | J-Lovers

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