Configure Domain to Amazon EC2 with Amazon Route 53

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Hi everyone! With me again and again to share some experience, though or opinion about technology related with software engineering field. On previous story, we already learn about deploying application to Amazon EC2. The details can be found in this story:

Then, how about if we want to change the AWS domain with our domain? In this part, we will learn how to configure our domain to our Amazon EC2 instance with Amazon Route 53

Assume we already have instance that can be accessed by public. So we just focus on the configuring domain area. Go to this console link for find the Amazon Route 53 service.

Picture 1 Choose Route 53 Service

After choose the service, we will redirected to Amazon Route 53 page, because we already have the domain, choose the DNS management and click Get started now button, next step, click Create Hosted Zone button for hosted the zone.

Picture 2 Choose DNS management
Picture 3 Create Hosted Zone

Because we don’t have any record, it still empty on the list. Click Create Hosted Zone button (again) and fill the form based on your domain. After everything is done, click Create button.

Picture 4 Create Hosted Zone

After successfully created, we will redirected to Record set list page with the domain information based on our input on previous step.

Picture 5 Record Set List

Change your name servers domain (I’m using GoDaddy) with the name servers from Amazon:

Picture 6 Change Name Servers

Create www record by clicking Create Record Set button on Record Set List page. The value of the record is Public IP from our EC2 instance. Just copy the IP and put on the form.

Picture 7 Public IP EC2 Instance
Picture 8 Setup WWW Record

Last step, adding more record by clicking Create Record Set button. Fill the form with Alias value is yes, Alias Target is the domain name. Click Create button to proceed.

Picture 9 Setup Alias Record

Wait for the moment, maybe can be took until 48 hours or just a few minutes, after configuration has been done by system, we can access our instance using domain name.

Picture 10 Access Instance by Domain

Voila, it’s works! Now you can access the App by our domain!

Hope you enjoy it, I’m happy if this article useful for you! Happy Coding!

Thank you!

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