Empty struct? What is it? When we use and what the advantages of using an empty struct?

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Hi everyone! At this time I want to share some experience, thought, or opinions about technology-related to the software engineering field. However, my article could be a light topic and just come in short. I want to share my experience and opinion about using empty struct in Golang.

In the…

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Halo semuanya, kali ini saya ingin membagikan pengalaman saya melakukan alih bahasa untuk ijazah D4 saya ke dalam Bahasa Inggris. Latar belakang saya ingin melakukan alih bahasa sebagai salah satu syarat untuk mendapatkan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) yang nantinya dapat menjadi surat sakti saat membuat visa kerja.

Karena ijazah saya…

Basic concept/idea of how to control mouse without touching it.

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Hi everyone! After almost 2 weeks not posted a new story, finally, I’m back!! And I’m still want to share some experience, thought, or opinion about technology-related with the software engineering field!! Recently, I’m learned about Artificial Intelligence especially on the Computer Vision field. When we talk about Computer Vision…

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